Barbara Novak Spiritual Life Coach

Its the middle of winter and we are all so used to being outside
on a regular basis that we may be getting in each others hair!

So here are some suggestions to help keep you sane.

This is a great family time to:
Play board games

Watch a movie together and asking each other what impressed
you about it

Kids making up a play for you and you recording it (priceless)

Recording them singing

Asking their opinions on the environment or how things should
be done - lots of pearls of wisdom from these young people will
often emerge

Tell them the family history, how you met your partner, who in
your life has influenced you, etc

Clean and repair toys either for keeping, giving away or selling

Colouring in and/or painting then choose the best and frame it

Make a collage of what they would like to have - Christmas is
coming pretty fast

Visit libraries, galleries, rug-up and visit local waterfalls.

I highly recommend the Spiritual Cinema Circle once per month
DVD to reconnect you to your soul.  I believe it is suitable for 10
years old and older but do watch the ratings and use your own
standards to feel comfortable.  My young family  enjoy the
reflective questions at the end of each movie. Its interesting
listening to the different perspectives.


Answer these simple questions with five words or a short
sentence for each;

1.  What do you want most out of your life.
  eg  to be happy and feel fulfilled

2.  What do you want to see happen in the world?
  eg  peace and happiness

3.  What makes you special?
  eg  my energy, drive and enthusiasm, ability to inspire and         
  motivate others

4.  What things can you do/are you capable of doing right now?
   eg  writing, public speaking, coaching

Now write this statement as follows:

I will ....(choose one answer from 4) using my .....(answer from
3), to accomplish....(answer from 2), and in so doing achieve
.....(answer from 1).

eg  I will write and speak using my ability to inspire and motivate
to accomplish peace and happiness and in so doing achieve
happiness and fulfilment.