Mission Statement:  To learn, grow and share
the lessons and knowledge which not only
enhances my life but that of my family and

Barbara is an international clairvoyant of over 30 years with a
keen interest in health issues for adults and children.  She
believes that by balancing the emotions, thinking patterns and
considering all aspects of a person, that is, mind, body, soul and
emotional health, great strides can be made in people's lives with
results that they have yearned for.

Over the years Barbara has been concerned about the lack of
holistic approach to the many problems and challenges that
people face in day to day life.  It seemed disjointed to visit
someone different for each challenge so after many courses over
those years  Barbara's skills expanded to include ProActive
Counselling. Life Coaching and Health and Wellness Systems.  It
is with great excitement and enthusiasm she shares them readily
with her clients.  .

It is Barbara's belief that when you are living your life with a clear
vision, a passionate heart, great positive attitude and health,
supported with integrity and honest intentions, you are
unstoppable.  Not only that, people want what you have!  So help
yourself to help others.

Someone once said to her " The therapist you see is only as good
as what they have been through themselves".  Barbara reckons
she must be one of the best in that case!

What kinds of experiences have I grown from?
Emigration with new Aussie slang, hot weather, divorce, home
burnt, shop demolished, financial ups and downs, sickness, loss
of family, a renewed love life and a great marriage producing two
beautiful boys - my journey has been awesome!  And more
fabulous stuff yet to come.

What did I learn on the way?
Every situation held an indelible experience of wisdom - if I looked
for it!
What didn't kill me definitely did make me stronger.
People, family, friends and strangers are willing to help those who
make an effort to improve themselves and their situations
Each person who crosses your pathway has something of value
or a  "gift" to give if you are willing and open to receive it.
I couldn't do it all on my own, I needed to grow through books,
tapes, CDs, seminars and workshops.

How did I learn to find the "Secret" of living life in a more balanced
That is why, after many years, to share what I have learned from
the challenges in my life is important to me.  I meet, talk to and
counsel many people who are in emotional pain.  This results in
them being "stuck" in just about every area of their lives.

So I ask them,

What's next for you, what's your next step?
Barbara Novak's story