Over the years I have used many "tools" to
help myself and others.
Those tools include:
NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming),
TA (Transactional Analysis),
Herbal Science, Iridolody.
ProActive Counselling,
(Emotional Freedom Technique),
Life Regression, Psychology,
Gestalt Therapy,
Numerology, Mediumship,
Palmistry, Clairvoyancy,
Hands on Healing, Tea Leaf Reading,
Visualisation, Meditation,
E-mail or Phone counselling,
Readings and support,
Nutritional Supplements and Wellnesss
The computerised LISTEN Health System
Aura Cleansing Spray
Ongoing, Independent

110 mls $39.99             50 mls $24.99
A refreshing blend of alkalised water with essential oils,
Bach Flowers and a Special combination of Vibrational
All ages, men, women, children and animals benefit from
regularly cleansing their aura.  

Often we are exposed to toxins, stress, pollution and
negativity.  This convenient sized bottle kept at home, work,
the car or in your purse can assist in lifting your spirits,
improve moods and clearing energy with only three or four
sprays around your body, at arms length with your eyes
closed.  This also makes a beautiful present or a gift with a

Excellent for those people dealing with the public, living or
working in difficult situations, dealing with hyperactive
children, or in a carers situation.
Before the sunsets tonight make a decision to
have a better life.

I FEEL SO, SO, SO GOOD!!  My energy level has risen so I have
gained more control of my life!  How good is that?

Please e-mail me for details of this smooth, tasty drink that has
so many health benefits such as the ability to sleep better, a
feeling of calm, wellbeing and having more up days, helping with
depression, stress, anxiety, increased energy and libido,
decrease in acid reflux, enhancing weight loss, antioxidant
properties, immune boosters, phytonutrients, helps prevent
Alzheimer's disease, improve anti-tumour responses, improve
immune recognition of cancer, directly inhibit tumour growth,
assists in helping prevent cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular
disease, hypertension. cataracts and lowers the risk for many
chronic diseases.

I love proof of things working, so if you are like me you will enjoy
these photos.


Evidence of cell walls breaking down.           4 weeks after taking
daily juice

Benchmark reading before juice.                4 weeks after taking juice

Try  it and feel for yourself.

LifeWave Patches

Barbara Novak
Spiritual Life Coach &
MBS Educator
50 mls size

10 mls size