Some services are best done on a
one-to-one basis, however, many are
available through e-mail, snail-mail,
telephone or in workshop form.  No
need to feel you can't access what will
help you towards the life you really
want and deserve!
One and a half hours of interactive two-way
communication resulting in specific, customised
strategies to deal with your challenges and progress
towards the results you are aiming for.

   Private Fast-Track Breakthrough Technique:                

Do you feel overwhelmed, sick and tired but don't know why?  Do you have anger and resentment that eats away at
you.  Are you locked into situations that you cannot see a
way out of?  Do you find it hard to create goals and stick
to them? Do you have just about everything you want and
need and yet are still not happy?

Then lets create a healed, whole person who can make
clear decisions creating goals that in turn create life
decisions that let you do what you need to do in the way
you want to do them - without guilt.

One-to-one session approximately  four hours of deeper
clearing on all levels, re-building with refreshing
outcomes and supportive strategies that will last you a life-

   Breakthrough Technique
See details as above.
Workshop includes morning and afternoon tea and a light
Workshops in YOUR area considered, please e-mail for

   Wellness and Nutritional Products

Selection of non-harmful products that will assist you to achieve better health both inside and outside!  Results
that I have personally seen both for myself and clients
include improvements in moods swings, ADD, skin
problems, hormonal challenges, infertility problems,
arthritis and the list goes on. Feel free to e-mail me your
health issues.

  Past Life

In safe, deep relaxation explore your past lives - they may
hold the key to some of the things you do or some of the
things you don't do!  This is a safe way to find out and
resolve those old feelings.  

It may also give you more understanding in your
relationships and patterns of behaviour and allow you to
move forward more effectively in you life.

    Psychic Readings                                                         

To ensure a comprehensive reading Barbara uses not just one tool but several in one session.

Numerology, giving your past, present, future potential,
challenges and health tendencies.  

Palmistry, the physical aspect of your reading.  Most
people don't know that a line can come and go within two

Tea leaf reading has been in Barbara's repertoire for over
30 years.  All these tools activate the mediumship and
clairvoyance within the one hour sessions.

Learn more about yourself, your health, finances, career,
direction, lifepath, relationships, family and love life.

Visit personally for a one-to-one session or book an over-
the-phone reading set cost reading or send your
questions via e-mail.  Sessions are either half hour or one
hour or part thereof if you wish a longer session.

Pre-pay phone readings

    Hands on Healing  with
the Quantrum Resonance  

A gentle form of healing.  Relax while your energy field is
"cleared, cleaned and encouraged to re-connect".  Find
out where you "grids" are damaged, broken or not
connected, over-stimulated or under-stimulated. After your
session feel peaceful, centred with renewed energy.  
Session times and costs vary according to your body's

       Find where your body is out of balance then scan
35,000 items to see why!  Food Intolerances, Imbalances
Hormones, Viruses, Bacterias, Heavy Metals, Infertility
problems, Mystery Illnesses and more.  Remedy

   Public Speaking

Barbara both entertains and educates her audience in a fun manner raising peoples self-esteem and effectiveness.  
If you wish to have Barbara at your venue please e-mail
your details

   New Health Products

New Nano-Technology for Weight Loss, Sleep, Energy, Detox, Youthful  
skin, pain
relief and so much more.. No side-effects, no
drugs, no addictions, all natural and safe. Nothing enters
the body!  Read the science on the link below. Please click
the link to enter the very informative website and purchase
your products either as a Retail Customer or a Preferred
Customer (cheaper option).

Please do not hesitate to call me re the placement of
patches or any other question you may have of this unique
Barbara Novak - Spiritual
Life Coach